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Blamire Young

The Doom of Hellas, c. 1925



watercolour on paper

74.50 x 109.00

signed 'Blamire Young' l.r.


Mrs Linda Fink (checked with Elly Fink - email nov 2004)


Fine Art Society, Melbourne, April-May 1929, 250 gns (the highest price in the show);
Fine Art Society, Posthumous Exhibition, Melbourne, March 1935

Literature & references:

the Age, May 1929, author not listed, " ... a classic composition in which the dominant colour note is the deep blue of the sky filling the spaces between massive Corinthian pillars ...";
the Sun, 1 May 1929 (George Bell);
the Herald, 28 April 1929 (R.H. Croll) "... sombre purples ... towering storm-scarred pillars ... this impressive presentiment of the material ruin of Greek civilization, combined with the suggestion of its spiritual indestructibility ..." quoted from MS letter from Elly Fink to Mrs Fink, 20-3-73.

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