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— Biography of Geoffrey de Groen

Through out a career spanning 45 years Geoffrey has always been concerned with surface and colour. The minimal works from the 1970s feature soft gradations of colour and compounded layers of paint.  More recent works feature floating shapes, strong colour

Geoffrey’s main concern has been to engage the eye and the mind simultaneously. The artist applies very thin transparent glazes over long periods, so that the form or shape or colour becomes embedded in the surface of the canvas. The paint is in the space between the canvas support and the mind’s eye, the intervening distance involving time.

Geoffrey de Groen

De Groen Australia Art Review Nov Dec 2011

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Since its establishment in 1984, the Charles Nodrum Gallery’s exhibition program embraces a diversity of media and styles - from painting, sculpture & works on paper to graphics and photography; from figurative, geometric, gestural, surrealist & social comment to installation & conceptually based work.