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— Biography of James Gleeson

Born in 1915, Gleeson began painting in the 1930s in the surrealist style, further informed by a visit to Europe after the Second World War and by 1940 he was probably the leading surrealist in Australia.  From the late 50s - 70s his career as an art critic, an author of monographs and a curator at the National Gallery of Australia took root, as did his highly respected scholarly reputation.  These were also the years he produced his well-known series of Psychoscapes; miniature surreal landscapes sparingly populated with classical homo-erotic nudes.  In the early 80s, at the age of 65, he retired from his various official positions and returned to the studio to produce the monumental, high key, biomorphic, surreal and abstract paintings for which he is best known. 
In 2004 a major retrospective exhibition was held at the National Gallery of Victoria & National Gallery of Australia.  At 90, he stopped painting works of monumental size, and died in 2008. 


Major Publications:
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James Gleeson (Ed. Lou Klepac), Signals from the Perimeter: James Gleeson drawings and texts (works from the Agapitos/Wilson Collection), Beagle Press, 1993 (reprinted 2007)
Renee Free, James Gleeson: Images from the Shadows, Crafstman House, 1993
Klepac, Wach, et al, James Gleeson - Beyond the Screen of Sight, retrospective exhibition catalogue, National Gallery of Victoria, Beagle Press, 2004

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