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John Young

Sanctuary #2 Winter, 1991


oil on canvas

183.00 x 274.00

signed, dated & inscribed John Young/ assisted by/ Elizabeth Pulie/ David Thomas/ Winter 1991 on reverse


Anna Schwartz Gallerty, 1993;
Diners Club Corporate Collection till 2009;
Private collection, Melbourne since then


Bad Faith Realism, Yuill/Crowley Gallery, Sydney, 1991

Literature & references:

Carolyn Barnes and William Wright, John Young, Craftsman House Thames & Hudson, 2005, cat. No. 101, illus p 92, plate 16 (image reversed);
John Young, John Young - Silhouettes and Polychromes, Schwartz City 1993;
Carolyn Barnes, Working back in - the grid - the grid of John Young, Eyeline, Summer 1991;

The artists propositions for the polychrome paintings:

1. These paintings aim to clarify my world, my present and in that sense, they do not cite nor say.
2. the choices of colours and their relation are intuitive, and sometimes by chance.
3. There are irregularities, anomalies, mistakes in these paintings, such as the coarse surface, the precarious lines, blotches of colour - all these anomalies are what may be called unconscious unique gestures in the work.
4. These works exist somewhere between the eye, brain, and what it might remind you or I of. So, it is somewhere between the optic, the concept and the memory.
5. In general more than one person executes these works. They are a relationship based on love, and the spirit for art and between artists. In that sense, these works manifest a passion.
6. the titles of these works, such as Sanctuary, the Sacred Season and Fruit (Happiness), exorcise the sanctity of this passionate relationship between artists and turn your interpretation of this relationship into banal kitsch. In that sense, once the works are finished they are emotionally exclusive and rejective of the viewer, including the artists involved.
7. the aims of these works are a sense of wonder for art, a sense of guilt about the impossibility of repeating the same, unique relationship between the artists involved from one work to the next, and following a set of predetermined rules of how to proceed with these paintings to give me a safe sense of passage.
Barnes & Wright, op. cit. p 87. 

See Victoria Lynn, Abstraction, exhibition catalogue, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, 1990, p. 41, for a similar work;
also Rex Butler, Lost in the Mix: The General and the Particular in the Art of John Young, Art and Australia, Vol 30, No. 3, Autumn 1993, p 364 — 369, see p 365 for the related work 'Sacred Season', 1990

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