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— Biography of Kristin Headlam

Originally from Launceston, Kristin Headlam lives and works in Melbourne, practising painting, drawing and print making.  In the mid 1980s, having lived in England and Vietnam and having studied arts, fine art and psychoanalysis she began painting gardens – the big shapes and shadows of the English style gardens and parks across Melbourne.  These became her first major series “A Gardener at Midnight”, closely followed by the ‘Sick Rose’ series.  Photographs taken of wedding parties in Melbourne’s public parks brought people into Headlam’s paintings, as well as narrative, historical references and satire, while retaining the mystery and romanticism she had become known for. After 2001 her focus was shifted to world events and to capturing images of political life, the underworld and other oddities caught in the news cycles.  Towards the end of the decade Headlam, wrestling with the process of painting from photographs, begun painting from life – particularly people, houses and homes which has lead to her most recent series’ of paintings which focus on her immediate world - and old fascination - her garden.  A highly skilled portraitist, Headlam won the Doug Moran Prize in 2000.

“For the most part in my paintings I’ve just wanted to say, “This is what I see: can you see it?” I have no interest in telling people what to think, or, indeed what I think.” The Artist, 2014

Kristin Headlam CV

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