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— Biography of Leonard Brown

Leonard Brown was born and trained in Brisbane where he lives and works to this day.  He is best known for his process based abstract oil paintings, created by controlling the pull of wet paint up, down, or around the canvas lent at certain angles.  Colour and composition contribute to a wide range in the mood of the work, which can vary from serene minimalism to highly active optical abstraction. 

Less known, but carried out with equal vigour, are his Russian icon paintings created using traditional mediums and techniques.  Brown began studying Byzantine painting in Brisbane in 1975 and, after being baptised Russian Orthodox in 1976, spent most of the 1990s living as a priest-monk. In 2010, his abstract oil painting If You Put Your Ear Close, You'll Hear it Breathing won the prestigeous Blake Prize.

In 2011 QUT Art Museum presented Union with Reality: The Art of Leonard Brown, a 30 year survey of his work where his icons and minimal abstract paintings were shown side by side.

“Despite the perceived abstract nature of the work, it is based in a residual humanist response to experience. Notwithstanding the separation of the icons and the abstract works, both practices are entirely contemporary, as is their assertion of an ongoing tradition.”  Ian Friend, Ipswich, QLD, April 2016.  Read on…

Leonard Brown CV

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