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— Biography of Louise Forthun

Louise Forthun has been working as an artist and exhibiting regularly since 1985. 
Born in Port Macquarie, New South Wales, in 1959, she now lives and works in Melbourne. 

The architectural urban landscape has been an enduring theme for her artistic practice. As an artist who has worked for many years with images taken from architectural sources, particularly photographs that have been taken from CBD rooftops, she has a sustained curiosity and insight into the spatial variety of the city. From the depths of a building site to a view from a tower or an airplane, this constant variety and transformation in the way the city presents itself has continually informed her work. 

Louise has held twenty-two solo exhibitions in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Her work has also been included in many curated exhibitions. Her work is represented in a number of institutional collections including the National Gallery of Australia, the National Gallery of Victoria, GOMA Queensland, Ballarat Art Gallery, Benalla Art Gallery, Bendigo Art Gallery and Parliament House Canberra. In addition, her work has been acquired by Artbank, Monash, Queensland, Deakin and Latrobe Universities, the City of Melbourne, the Museum of Brisbane and Heide MOMA. 

She has been the recipient of two Australia Council residencies, the Tokyo Studio in 1992 and the British School of Rome residency in 2005. In 2015 her work was chosen to transform a tram for the Melbourne Festival which travelled through the northern suburbs to the city. Her work has also been collected privately including by the Lyon Housemuseum which holds a selection of key paintings spanning over 20 years of her practice. Her work has been widely written about by the media and you can find out more about her work by visiting www.louiseforthun.com


"Louise Forthun has been painting the city with an uncommon passion and intensity for more than twenty years.  Alongside contemporary artists such as Arkley, Morton, Atkins and Wardle, she has found fertile ground for a sustained enquiry into that most ubiquitous manifestation of our urban condition, the contemporary city. It is city as social and cultural construct which interests Forthun, and as an artist she combines her intellectual rigour and conceptual clarity with an extraordinary facility as a painter." Corbett Lyon, 2011 - click to read on...

"Louise’s method is crafty. She is a stencil artist like no other. Her pictures are painstakingly constructed but look immediate, fresh, and excited. Their energy is urban, like their subject." Ian McDougall, 2008 - click to read on...

"Through the uncompromisingly hard-edged, cut line of stencil paired with the fine atomised, close to weightless dots of sprayed paint, [Forthun’s works] deftly bring together painting and photography; printing and painting; positive and negative; the mechanical and the handmade; mass and void." Rosemary Hawker, 2016 - click to read on...


Louise Forthun CV

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