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Virginia Coventry

Service Road, 1976 - 1977

Price: $1,200


Catalogue number: 16

6 silver gelatin photographs (23.8 x 30.5cm ea)

23.80 x 30.50


The Artist


Ten Viewpoints, Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney, 1976;
Six Series, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, 1978 and toured to The Powerhouse Museum, Sydney, 1991 then Latrobe Valley Regional Arts Centre, Morwell (now Latrobe Regional Gallery), 1992;
Good Looking, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, 2004;
The Road, Monash Gallery of Art, Melbourne, 2014


The original series of 34 photographs was formally constructed around the visual design similarities between the exteriors of eighteen houses situated on service roads on opposite sides of the Princes Highway at Moe in Victoria. The National Gallery of Victoria acquired a full set.
The images are grouped into four sequences: (A) the first visit – two opposite houses; (B) the highway as seen from each of eighteen houses; (C) exterior views of six central houses; (D) the highway as seen from inside the six houses. Pairs from groups B, C and D are illustrated here and included in this exhibition. Before the two complete editions were printed in 1978 a number of prints were made during 1976 and '77. These un-retouched prints were edited by the artist in January 2016 into three smaller sequences, with some single prints available - the present works being in this category.
The 1970s saw a number of artists moving from painting to photography and in the process exploring seriality - including Coventry, Micky Allan and Robert Rooney - who notably devoted much of the decade to the medium. 
The works are exhibited individually and priced at $1,200 each

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Exhibition Catalogue

Lion's Head on Fire and Nebuchadnezzar eating grass

Arthur Boyd


oil on canvas, 175.00 x 183.00

Price: $160,000

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(Untitled - Catani Arch, St Kilda)

Sidney Nolan


oil on hessian on board, 37.50 x 45.50


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Mist on the Bay

Yvonne Audette

1978 - 1979

oil on board, 86.00 x 101.00

Price: $120,000

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Floating World

David Aspden


acrylic on canvas, 160.50 x 332.00


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Little River

Fred Williams


oil on board, 106.00 x 91.40

Price: $380,000

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Lilydale Landscape

Fred Williams

c. 1960

oil on board, 46.00 x 61.00

Price: $150,000

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Structure in Landscape

Roger Kemp

c. 1935

enamel on card, 86.00 x 112.00

Price: $27,500

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The Shriek of a Cockatoo

Clifton Pugh


synthetic polymer paint on composition board, 91.50 x 122.00

Price: $12,000

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Fields at Eltham

Harald Vike

c. 1940 - 1949

oil on board
, 29.50 x 39.00

Price: $3,300

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Queensland Landscape

Miles Evergood

1931 - 1932

oil on board, 30.00 x 40.00

Price: $7,700

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Mount Nebo no 2

Miles Evergood

1931 - 1932

oil on board, 31.00 x 41.00

Price: $6,600

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Marshalling Yards V

Michael Shannon


oil on canvas, 76.00 x 102.00

Price: $20,000

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(Untitled - Urban Panorama)

Michael Shannon

c. 1959 - 1960

oil on canvas
, 120.00 x 150.00

Price: $35,000

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The Armoured Car

Gareth Sansom

1966 - 1967

acrylic & collage on Masonite, 116.00 x 90.00

Price: $17,500

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Les sons et les parfums tournent dans l'air du soir (Sounds and scents move in the evening air)

Colin Lanceley


oil and carved wood on canvas, 138.00 x 176.00

Price: $55,000

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Service Road

Virginia Coventry

1976 - 1977

6 silver gelatin photographs (23.8 x 30.5cm ea), 23.80 x 30.50

Price: $1,200

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Making Sugar

Micky Allan


6 silver gelatin photographs mounted and framed together, 75.20 x 63.20

Price: $1,650

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Draw a non-simple boundary with only one inside

Bea Maddock


coloured serigraph on paper
, 79.00 x 56.50


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Dreaming Landscape

Micky Allan


acrylic and mixed media on plastic film, 40.00 x 58.00

Price: $990

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James Gleeson


oil on canvas, 133.00 x 178.00

Price: $60,000

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Anne Summers - God's Police Doll

Keith Looby


mixed media on canvas
, 251.00 x 192.00


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(Untitled - Man holding rock)

Peter Booth


oil pastel on paper, 24.00 x 11.50


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(Untitled - Standing Man)

Peter Booth


oil pastel on paper, 11.50 x 7.50

Price: $2,750

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(Untitled - Crawling Man)

Peter Booth


oil pastel on paper, 10.50 x 11.50

Price: $2,750

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Curved Sawtooth

Mandy Martin


oil on canvas
, 120.00 x 183.00

Price: $12,500

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