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— Artist's Statement

I view my work as ‘free-form abstract painting’.  It is abstract painting that combines improvisatory and reflective organisational processes.  These can engage with a range of concerns, from the transference of subjective feelings to a riff on spatial and formal colour dynamics.  

As they become more readily available, I like to incorporate the use of new technologies into the generative processes and the realisation of my work.  I have been doing this since the mid 1990’s, steadily incorporating various methods including large format printing, virtual 3d construction, non-linear development of art work through software, and the morphing between still and moving image (and thus animation).

My anticipation of the viewer’s engagement with the work factors into its production and I use virtual modelling of gallery spaces to explore this.  These developments have allowed for the stepping into the space behind the implied illusion of my canvases, while also releasing the paintings from the confines and surface of the canvas and releasing them into the architecture of the gallery space.

David Harley, May, 2017

Since its establishment in 1984, the Charles Nodrum Gallery’s exhibition program embraces a diversity of media and styles - from painting, sculpture & works on paper to graphics and photography; from figurative, geometric, gestural, surrealist & social comment to installation & conceptually based work.