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— Artist's Statement

The sea is revelatory. Port Phillip Bay continues to act as muse for my painting in this body of work titled Water Mark, presenting the coastline and horizon, the sea and airy clouded spaces of various and infinite confluence. Underpinning these natural forms I am always aware of the presence of the grid providing a structural balance to the space upon which my work is constructed. The collage elements refer to the materiality of the surface, the methodologies of studio practice and, in this instance, the question of what lies below the surface of the sea.

With me on this endeavour have been the Envelope Poems of Emily Dickinson, and the Four Quartets poem ‘East Coker’ by T. S. Eliot. Eliot’s initial line ‘In my beginning is my end’ led me to consider where paintings begin and where they finish, and from there allowing me to attend to the sides of the canvas more closely and to engage with a chance glimpse or a sideways glance, or perhaps an afterimage. The Envelope Poems, fragments written by Dickinson in pencil on the first paper to hand, assisted in my imagining poetry rather than pollution* washing on to the shores of the Bay.

Lynne Boyd, 2019

*The Age, July 7, 2018, revealed that more than 820 million pieces of mainly plastic litter were flowing into the Bay each year from the Maribyrnong and Yarra rivers.

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