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Charles Blackman

Part of Avonsleigh (Moonlight, Avonsleigh), 1955


Catalogue number: 21

oil on paper on board

97.00 x 130.00

inscribed on label verso 'Moonlight Eversleigh (sic) / Blackman


Joseph Brown Gallery, 1974;
Private Collection, Melbourne, since then


Gallery of Contemporary Art of Australia, Annual Exhibition, May 1955, where Blackman exhibited 6 Avonsleigh paintings;
Joseph Brown Gallery, Autumn Exhibition 1974, cat no. 47;
Earth, Sea and Sky, Charles Nodrum Gallery, 26 March - 9 April, 2009, no. 2;
Aspects of Surrealism, Charles Nodrum Gallery, July 2009, no. 3

Literature & references:

Literature: Ray Mathew, Charles Blackman, Georgian House, Melbourne, 1965; pl. no. 13 Reference: Thomas Shapcott, The Art of Charles Blackman, Deutsch, London, 1989, p. 18:
"Paper was portable and it gave me a direct result - a lot of freedom. They are the moonlit scenes... this was the first time ever in my life I actually lived in the country... I painted all day and the only time I went for a walk it was night. The landscape in moonlight is the subject. We always chose to go to the city at night... You would walk home in that moonlight; no one had a torch. I was very haunted by it".
Shapcott, op. cit., p. 18.;

Felicity St John Moore, Schoolgirls and Angels, retrospective exhibition catalogue, NGV, Melbourne, 1993, p 18:
‘In December [1954, Blackman] with Barbara vists Joy Hester and Gray Smith at Avonsleigh and stays for six months… Using the bedroom as a studio [he] paints on large sheets of litho paper on the 38” x 54” tabletop… … [Blackman] frames six Avonsleigh landscapes under glass for CAS exhibition; sells Haystacks in moonlight for forty-five pounds, also Mrs Hope picking flowers, unframed'.
Felicity St John Moore, op. cit. p 18


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