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Artist Profile speaks with Kristin Headlam

— Saturday 10th November 2018

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Read Kristin Headlam's interview with Artist Profile in which she explains the origins of her latest suite of 64 etchings titled 'The Universe Looks Down'

Kristin Headlam

By Artist Profile

After five years in the making, Kristin Headlam’s exhibition ‘The universe looks down’ comprises a series of 64 etchings responding to Australian poet Chris Wallace-Crabbe’s eponymous epic poem. Commissioned in 2012 by the University of Melbourne’s Rare Books Collection, the suite is divided into nine chapters intended for sequential reading, like the text itself. Wallace-Crabbe – a leading figure in Melbourne’s literary world and Headlam’s partner of many years – composed the poem gradually from 1988 to 2005, creating a rich, global adventure story where various figures wander across history and geography enacting their elusive quests and encountering love, violence, or loss.

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