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Sadie Chandler in 'Hair Pieces' exhibition at Heide MoMA

— Sunday 6th October 2024

Accessories handbag and shoes 1992 human and acrylic hair perspex MDF board acrylic paint 3 parts 44 135 cm
Sadie Chandler's work will feature in this exhibition of recent national and international art in an exploration of the significance of hair in contemporary culture, running from 4 May to 6 October 2024.

Hair Pieces explores the evocative and complex significance of hair in contemporary culture through a selection of recent Australian and international works of art. For millennia hair has been a resonant and compelling site of meaning, transmitting ideas about gender, mythology, status and power, the body, psychology, feminism and notions of beauty. At once radiant and repellent, and often richly symbolic, it has always assumed a particular importance in relation to the self, history and society. This exhibition examines the myriad ways in which artists utilise hair to investigate and conjure generative and even magical possibilities encompassing growth, empowerment and transformation.

Artists include: Marina Abramović (SRB/USA) and Ulay (GER/USA), Janine Antoni (US), Polly Borland (US), Sonia Boyce (UK), Sadie Chandler (AUS), Edith Dekyndt (BXL/BE), Karla Dickens (AUS), Jim Dine (US), Mona Hatoum (US), Zhang Chun Hong (US), Lou Hubbard (AUS), John Meade (AUS), Ana Mendieta (US), S.J Norman (US), J.D ‘Okhai Ojeikere (NRA), Wes Placek (AUS), C. J Pyles (US), Chuxiao Qu (AUS), Julie Rrap (AUS), Charlie Sofo and Debris Facility (AUS), Christian Thompson (AUS), Kemang Wa Lehulere (SA), Helen Wright (AUS), Zhang Chun Hong (US), Ai Yamaguchi (JPN), Shih Yung-Chun (TW).

Curator: Melissa Keys.

For more information, visit the Heide MoMA website here.

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