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Samara Adamson-Pinczewski & Ron Robertson-Swann in Beyond the Field (Still)

— Saturday 13th October 2018

An exhibition of contemporary artists working in a style reminiscent of The Field at the Moonah Arts Centre, Hobart, till 13 October

In 1968 the National Gallery of Victoria staged The Field – Australia’s first comprehensive display of colour field painting and abstract sculpture. Now 50 years on – as the NGV revisits that landmark exhibition – we are also taking the opportunity to stand back, take stock and re-examine what artists are making beyond The Field, still.

Beyond the Field (Still) presents the work of seventeen artists across two venues – Moonah Arts Centre and Contemporary Art Tasmania.

The intention is to explore the work of contemporary artists whose practices sit in a similar genre to the original The Field exhibition.

Exploring the variety of experiences that artists draw from, Beyond the Field (Still) asks: what informs the work; what drives the artist; and what sensations do they seek to impart.

In addition to the exhibition, curator Anne Mestitz will be joined by a number of the artists for public programs including a floor talk, a forum, a creativity workshop, a panel symposium and a podcast.


Ron Robertson-Swann
Suzanne Moss
Paul Zika
Samara Adamson-Pinczewski
Tricky Walsh
Joshua Reilly
Eun Ju Cho
Frank Murri

Carolyn Wigston
Michael Graeve
Jamin Kluss
Sara Hughes
Paul Snell
Wilma Tabacco
Stephen Wickham
Jacob Leary
Neil Haddon

For more information, visit the Moonah Arts Centre website: www.moonahartscentre.org.au

Since its establishment in 1984, the Charles Nodrum Gallery’s exhibition program embraces a diversity of media and styles - from painting, sculpture & works on paper to graphics and photography; from figurative, geometric, gestural, surrealist & social comment to installation & conceptually based work.